Primary Health Care and Public Health

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Med Princ Pract 2015;24:103116
Most health systems around the world remain heavily
. Failure to improve the
. While
. Health systems are
All health systems, to be effective and efficient, must
An insightful study of low- and middle-income coun-
. These are
Terminology in Context
The terms primary health care and public health, in
. Such an approach is un-
Primary Health Care and Public Health
Med Princ Pract 2015;24:103116
Defining PHC
(1) Health or medical care that begins at time of first con-
. It is only a partial definition
. Important as this clinical
The literature points to the fact that PC (the clinical
A continuum thus exists within PHC from the indi-
(2) PH is the art and science of promoting and protecting
The Alma Ata Declaration as Historical Context
Careful reading reveals that the broader concept of
. How-
, but this group enjoyed little support
Both approaches were genuine attempts to improve
. Local com-
Med Princ Pract 2015;24:103116
The Alma Ata Declarations ill-fated slogan of health
. In addition, the refusal of experts and politicians in
. The disproportionate influ-
. While there have been
, as William Foege, former leader of
: Spectacular Progress, Spectac-
Clinical, Social and Environmental Approaches as
Ever since the dawn of medicine and PH, both of which
. Sir Michael Marmot, Chair
Similarly, the US National Academy of Sciences, Insti-
But little of the contribution from the WHO Commis-
, there is increasing recognition that
Moving beyond Health Policy to Healthy Public
The developments outlined in the preceding para-
The term healthy public policy may not be familiar to
policy, which relates primarily to the policies de-
government ministries
. This recog-
. Also referred to as health in all policies
, a crit-
Regarding the intersectoral collaboration which un-
Primary Health Care and Public Health
Med Princ Pract 2015;24:103116
, when applied
, such
Applying the Social-Ecological Model to Health
. Indeed, its principles were applied in developing the
, and utilized by the Institute of Medicine (US Na-
on the future of PH in the 21st century. The SE Mod-
Spheres of influence
UN Universal
WHO Consultative
Group on Equity and
Universal Health
Family support
Personal beliefs
Knowledge base
Other life course
Places of worship
Health literacy
The social-ecological model spheres of influence.
Med Princ Pract 2015;24:103116
and to other PH issues; in both the USA and
. Regardless of complexity, all variations of this model
It can be appreciated that the illustrative SE Model
Primary Health Care and Public Health
Med Princ Pract 2015;24:103116
Universality as a Core Principle of an Integrated
The achievement of universal access to health services,
: I regard
The goal of universal health coverage (UHC) is to en-
For a community or country to achieve universal health cover-
Strategic alignment of policy and services
across the continuum of health needs (schematic)
Public health, primary health care and community services
Acute and specialist services
System leadership
Referral (2-way)
keep healthy
People with
People with
People with
Strategic alignment of policy and
Med Princ Pract 2015;24:103116
Implementing Universality
UHC in the sense outlined has been advocated for de-
. However, it has taken a long gestation for this idea
(1) Categorize services into priority classes. Relevant cri-
(2) First expand coverage for high-priority services to ev-
Within this aim, 5 principles are upheld: public adminis-
. However, perhaps more relevant is the WHOs
. Sev-
. Lack of incentives for self-education and
. Histori-
Primary Health Care and Public Health
Med Princ Pract 2015;24:103116
From a global perspective, it is noteworthy that in
, as recently reviewed
. With encouragement from this prog-
. If adopted, it will be difficult
While the health systems of most high-income coun-
Aligning the Components of an Integrated Health
The WHO defines integrated service delivery as orga-
. One may thus contrast the more
Drawing from the sources referenced
, the
Med Princ Pract 2015;24:103116
Notwithstanding the need to develop more effective
Implications for Health Professional Education
The perspective outlined in this review aligns with the
. It is
, the USA and Canada
. His legacy was 2-fold: that medical
Although this review gives purposeful recognition to
. Consider
Such exploitation of medical educa-
This admonition duly recognized, the value of an ap-
. In
. In transitioning from a centrally planned economy,
Primary Health Care and Public Health
Med Princ Pract 2015;24:103116
Furthermore, the WHO-sponsored
noted that the corporate sector directly impacts on the
Change as the Challenge
Although the main aim of this review was to advocate
The anachronistic mode of organizational thinking
. Such evolution should
Med Princ Pract 2015;24:103116
It is appropriate now to take note of a similarity be-
In advocating a transition to more integrated approaches, re-
Globally, there is reason for encouragement regarding
Whenever seriously addressed as a matter of health
Primary Health Care and Public Health
Med Princ Pract 2015;24:103116
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Med Princ Pract 2015;24:103116
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Med Princ Pract 2015;24:103116
DOI: 10.1159/000370197
Primary Health Care and Public Health:
Pacific Health & Development Sciences Inc. and School of Public Health and Social Policy, University of Victoria,
Victoria, B.C., and Department of Community Health and Epidemiology, Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S., Canada
2015 S. Karger AG, Basel
This review is for two main audiences: clinicians and
Franklin White
Pacific Health & Development Sciences Inc.
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2015 S. Karger AG, Basel
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