American primary education

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English children must go to schools when they are five. First they go to infant schools where they learn first steps in reading, writing and using numbers. The curriculum for "strong" and "weak" groups is different. When children leave the infant school, at the age of seven, they go to junior schools. Their school subjects are English, Mathematics, History, Geography, Nature Study, Swimming, Music, Art, Religious Instruction and Organized Games. When children come to the junior school for the first time, they are divided into three "streams"- A,B and C- on the basis of their infant school marks or sometimes after a special test. The brightest children go to the A stream and the least gifted to the C stream. In primary schools pupils are mostly taught by a class teacher who teaches all subjects. Methods of teaching vary, but there is a balance between formal lessons with the teacher at the front of the classroom and activities in which children work in small groups round a table with a teacher supervising. The junior classroom often looks like a workshop, especially when the pupils are working in groups making models or doing other practical work.

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